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October 2020

What were we thinking? We decide to purchase a beautiful forested property with several very interesting homes.  Our idea is to share this property with lovers of the great outdoors.

November 2020

Glacier Trails is born...we chose this name with reference to the last cycle of climate cooling and glacier expansion in North America which is known as the Wisconsin Glaciation*. None of us were around but, about 100,000 years ago, the climate cooled again and a glacier, the Laurentide Ice Sheet, spread across the continent.

Near the end of the cycle, beginning about 31,500 years ago, the glacier began its advance into Wisconsin. It expanded for 13,500 years before temperatures warmed again and it began to melt back. It took another 7,000 years before the ice finally retreated from northern Wisconsin. What the glacier left us includes beautiful woods and streams along with rolling hills and our own "Wisconsin Mountain".

*Link to "The Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey"

December 2020

Happy Holidays!  We continue to explore the property and learn the land and surrounding area.  Renovation plans begin with an eye on greeting guests in 2021.  Sadly, as we learn, the impact of Covid 19 on resources and labor extends our timeframe, delaying our opening.